plage Spano
Cocody Spano
Living environment
In the middle of pines, eucalyptus and oleanders, Cocody Village is constituted by bungalow of regional style and dominates the harbor of Sant Ambroggio. A small road through the scrubland comes down to a fine sand beach situated in 800 meters.
In two kilometers Spano, a wild and wonderful site protected by the "Conservatoire du Littoral", possesses very beautiful creeks.


In the heart of Balagne, Lumio is a charming village situated on the side of the mountain in front of Calvi's bay. The municipality spreads out until the sea and benefits from one harbor which welcomes pleasure boats during the summer.
Lumio Commerces de la marina
Le port Lumio


By the road, by the sea or by the airs Corsica abounds in more beautiful sites some that the others and it for the biggest pleasure of the discovery. To visit Calvi's citadel, to make of the shopping in business streets of Ile-Rousse or sink into the back country to be amazed on a small village typical as that of Corbara or Sant Antonino will leave an unforgettable recollection of this island which is named rightly the Island of beauty.
Calvi Micheline
Algajola Ile-Rousse
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